Little Christmas Tree Craft

Hello everyone!

I decided to do a post on a little craft project I made today! It is a little (and very cute) Christmas tree made from pipe cleaners (Chenille), pom-poms, and some glue. It is super simple and very fun to do, so grab yourself a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a little creative activity!

For this craft you will need the following items:

  • Green Pipe Cleaner/Chenille Stems
  • Assorted Pom-Poms (I used 1/2″ Brown ones and 5mm of various colors)
  • Liquid Glue (I used Elmer’s school glue)
  • Scissors

The first step is to cut the Christmas tree sections from the pipe cleaner. I started with the longest piece which will end up being the second from the bottom when put together. I mostly cut all of them using my eye as the measuring guide, but if you would like more precise measurements, I measured my favorite Christmas tree to get them. None of my trees ended up looking the same in the end, but I loved that they were all unique!

Each tree has nine sections. The measurements of the one were as follows (starting from the bottom section):

  1. 1 3/8″
  2. 1 5/8″
  3. 1 3/8″
  4. 1 1/8″
  5. 7/8″
  6. 3/4″
  7. 1/2″
  8. 3/8″
  9. 3/16″

Like I said before, I didn’t actually try to assemble a tree from direct measurement and went entirely by eye, but if you would prefer to have them, there you go!

Now on to the cutting!

I used scissors to cut the pipe cleaners into the small sections. Once all nine are cut into the desired shape, we begin gluing!

I put a small line of glue on the bottom pipe cleaner section and laid the next section on top of it. Push them together and align them as you go.

Now repeat with the remaining sections of the tree!

You should end up with your unique and beautiful Christmas tree! But a tree needs a trunk and a stead base to set itself on! So take a 1/2″ brown pom-pom to use as the base. Don’t cut these in half (I found out that they will cease to be round fuzzy balls and just be little fuzzies). I still wanted them to lay flat on the back so I carefully took my scissors and cut off some of the fuzzies on one side. It ended up looking like this.

I then took the pom-pom and glued the top of it to my Christmas tree branches to complete the tree! Voila!

The Christmas tree is complete at this point as a beautiful evergreen tree, but I wanted it to be a bit more colorful and ornamented for Christmas! For this we will use the little pom-poms of various colors.

I picked out the ones I wanted to use and eyed where I wanted to place them on the tree. Then I squeezed a drop of glue onto each of those locations on the tree.

Now place the pom-poms desired onto the tree!

And I like putting a yellow one at the top like a star topper!

And there you have it! A little Christmas tree craft! I hope you enjoy this fun and simple craft!

Now, after I was finished with it, I kept asking myself what I could use it for. Lili helped me out with that by offering some suggestions. She suggested using them on table place cards, as Christmas ornaments (you might want to make sure it is really well glued for that one), as cute little decorations around the house, an attachment to a gift as a topper/embellishment, or just gluing them to a piece of cardstock to dress it up for writing a note to someone! The really are multipurpose and simple enough that even some children could make them! I trust that you will find a creative or practical (or both!) use for these cute little trees!

Merry Christmas to you all and may God bless!!



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